The Captains


Captain III Maureen Ryan

Topanga Area Commanding Officer

Captain III Maureen Ryan is a Los Angeles native, raised in Pacific Area.  She holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees from Loyola Marymount University.  She completed her undergraduate work at Loyola University, in Rome, Italy.  Captain Ryan taught elementary school in Brentwood and Lennox for seven years before joining the Los Angeles Police Department in January 1988.  After graduating from the academy at the top of her class, she worked a variety of assignments in West Los Angeles, Valley Traffic and Van Nuys Divisions.

In 1992, she was promoted to Police Officer III+I, and was the first woman assigned to Valley Traffic Detectives.  Captain Ryan promoted to Detective in 1994 and was assigned to Hollywood and West Valley Divisions.  In 1995, she was selected to work Robbery-Homicide Division, where she worked many high profile and complex investigations in both the Rape Special Section and the Officer-Involved Shooting Section.  Captain Ryan promoted up the detective ranks at both Robbery-Homicide Division and Critical Incident Investigation Division.  Captain Ryan carried on her supervisory role as a Detective III working Force Investigation Division.  She was promoted to Lieutenant in May 2005 and was assigned to Hollenbeck Patrol as a Watch Commander.  In May 2006, Captain Ryan became the Detective Watch Commander at Hollenbeck Detectives where she remained until her promotion to Captain in July 2008.

Upon her promotion to Captain, she was selected to be the Patrol Commanding Officer of the new Topanga Division.  Captain Ryan is the first female Captain to open a new division in LAPD history.  She was very honored by her selection.

Throughout her career, Captain Ryan has been sought as an instructor for many Department schools, as well as for community organizations.  She was an instructor in Sexual Assault and Major Assault Crimes Schools, Basic Detective and Detective Supervisor School, Sergeant and Watch Commander Schools, and the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation Course.  She has provided training for several organizations that provide Rape Hotline counseling and advocacy for survivors of sexual assault.  Captain Ryan holds two certificates from the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation, one in Homicide and the other in Sexual Assault Investigations.  Captain Ryan is a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute and the West Point Leadership Program.

She is a member of several professional law enforcement organizations, including the California Homicide Investigators’ Association, the California Sexual Assault Investigators’ Association and the Los Angeles Women Police Officers Association.  Captain Ryan actively supports several charities including Susan G. Koman for the Cure, Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Captain Ryan is a first generation American, coming from immigrant parents.  Since travelling to the home of her parents, and living in Italy for school, Captain Ryan developed a deep love of travel and appreciation of other cultures.  Whether in the United States or other countries, Captain Ryan loves to seek out and experience the wonderful gifts of culture, art and food that the region has to offer.  Additionally, Captain Ryan loves to cook, and is training under a professional chef.  She also enjoys sports, including water and snow skiing.

Captain I Paul Vernon

 Topanga Patrol Commanding Officer

Captain Paul Vernon  is a 28-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department and the commanding officer of the Topanga Patrol Division, one of 21 LAPD patrol stations.

Capt. Vernon served as LAPD’s public information officer for 3 years, and commanded detectives for 9 years, investigating all manner of crimes, including homicide. He has held a supervisory rank since 1991, and worked patrol, gangs, narcotics, training, and Internal Affairs.

Capt. Vernon is a graduate of the FBI’s National Academy. He co-taught a public corruption seminar with the FBI for Nairobi, Kenya, law enforcement and traveled to Seoul, South Korea, as part of a multi-cultural leadership visit. He is an instructor for LAPD and the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Leadership Course, formerly known as West Point Leadership Program.

Capt. Vernon has a degree in History and a background in instruction.