Topanga Police Activities League

Police Activities League (PAL)



Topanga PAL was founded in 2014 through the efforts of Topanga Division of the Los Angeles Police Department and community residents to implement sports and educational activities to high-risk youths in response to the juvenile crime increase in the area. Since Topanga Divisions inception in 2009, the youth programs of the division have been and still remain a 501(c)(3) non-profit governed by a board of directors compromising of community leaders, law enforcement personnel, and business professionals.


Our ultimate goal is a community without crime, where children have equal access to opportunity, and where peace officers help drive the community’s vitality. Through a partnership between community and law enforcement, PAL’s mission is to nurture young people to become responsible, productive, and law abiding citizens by offering character-building, educational, sports, and  life-enhancing programs.


Topanga PAL provides a safe place in the community where children recreate and learn safely during non-school hours while providing meaningful, structured activities that are economically accessible (most services are free) to every child in the service area. Most program participants are from low-income to poverty level households, and are continuously exposed to gang and other unlawful activities. It is the philosophy of PAL to help youth, regardless of their ethnic background or economic status, make positive changes in their lives by teaching them healthy life-style principles, providing them with positive role-models, instilling in them the concept of teamwork, building in them the qualities of sportsmanship, and providing them with opportunities to gain and exercise leadership skills.

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